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Triple Glaze vs Double Glaze

Here at Westmeath Windows we believe that triple glaze is better than double glaze, but the improvement is marginal.

The U value on a double glazed soft coat unit, 28mm cavity, would be approximately 1.0 verus a triple glazed unit which would be a 36mm overall cavity, would be 0.7.

While sound is a bigger factor when it comes to triple glaze, blocking out sound, it doesn’t have the huge advantage on heat loss. However we still do recommend it when it comes to very large windows, north facing or bay windows, which are exposed to the element because they protrude out from the building.

The one thing people must take into account that is more important is that the soft coat or elite membrane is used inside the unit on both products.

Another element is that the triple glaze gives a deeper cavity of an overall depth of 36mm verus the maximum on double glaze which would be 28mm. Its common sense that the deeper you can have the cavity between you, on the inside, and the elements, on the outside, is a better product.

Weight is a major factor,especially during the installation. Generally windows are fitted unglazed and then the glass units are put in afterwards because they can be too heavy to lift in the one complete unit.

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