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Replacement of Glass in Existing Frames

A new service that we at Westmeath Windows are offering is the replacement of glass in existing frames. So for people who cannot afford or don’t want the hassle of replacing both windows and frames, we offer a service where we can change out the old double glazing and replace it we Argon filled Low E glass. In certain cases, we can remove the bead that houses the glass in the frame and replace the glass with a much thicker triple glaze unit moving a unit that would normally be 24mm up to 36mm in depth overall. Argon filled low e, which means planetherm internal coat or soft coat, inside the unit into an existing frame. This is a very good way of reducing your heating bills and its only recommended as long as the seals on the sashes are of good quality otherwise it would be false economy.

We have already done two or three cases of this. In one particular case in Lucan the client had an extreme problem with condensation forming on the inside of the glass. To do a litmus test we decided to leave one unit in the window in place and replace all the others. The following morning the client reported back that one glass unit in the same window was completely dry while the other was completely covered in water. It does work and its very energy efficient. The glass remains at room temperature and a complete cold bridge from the outside is eradicated.

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