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New Palladio Brochure Edition 1

New Palladio Brochure Edition 1 Released in Spring 2016.

In this brochure they have brought in a couple of new styles of doors, more contemporary styles but they are continuing with the high level lock.

The high level lock is a new edition to the Palladio door. It does away with the lever lever handle which is normally located at 900 off floor level, or hip height, and they brought the lock up higher at more shoulder height on the door. There is no lever, it is just key operated.  The way this function works is, basically the key operates the lock. However the lock for it to function correctly must be semi automatic. In other words the multi point locking system is pulled back with the aid of the lock so the key, while it does open the door, the lock does all the hard work by pulling back from the receivers so the client can gain entry to the house.

This high level lock can also be fitted with new pull bar systems, handles, which have stainless steel that run the length of the door sash. Its a very contemporary looking system. There are a few things we have noted on the doors we have fitted for clients and clients should be warned on the following:

The high level lock is not advisable for the elderly as opening the door from the inside requires alot of energy in your hand and this may hamper some elderly folks.

Also it is not advisable for people with very small or young children because kids cannot open the door due to the inside lock being so high. This can be a problem where children cannot get out of the house and parents have to let them out each time they need to exit. This is to do with the height of the lock which could also be an advantage as the child cannot get out of the house without the parents knowing. Like the lever lever handles which are located lower this can be a problem for people living in urban areas adjacent to very busy roads.

The new satinised glass they have introduced in the Palladio range has continued. Satinised is a liquid that is poured onto the glass between the resin lines giving a very contemporary look. This can be viewed on pages 15, 16 and 17 of the Palladio brochure. For more information contact Eugene at Westmeath Windows and Doors or email info@westmeathwindows.ie.


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