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Palladio Door Locks

At Westmeath Windows we offer our clients a choice of a standard nickle based cylinder which takes a standard key that can be cut in any local hardware store. Or more preferably the high security cylinder which offers clients an anti snap function built into the cylinder. This means criminals cannot break the cylinder and pick the lock manually. With the high security cylinder, the cylinder will snap 1/3 of the way leaving the core behind, therefore preventing the burglars from getting to the centre of the lock and picking it.

It also comes with a key coded key which means if the key is lost or mislaid it cannot be copied. It can only be copied by the client who holds the bar reference number and that can be done simply by ordering a key through yale. Its very similar to a key of a car which means that it is a safer way that your key cannot be copied unbeknownst to you.

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