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Framing on Windows

At Westmeath Windows and Doors, our framings are made from the liniar system. Liniar frame is a well established UK supplier that imports into Dublin directly. The 70mm frame is unique in the sense that it is a high terminal frame with multi wall chambers. It can facilitate a double glaze unit of 28mm overall depth or a 36mm triple glaze unit overall depth, which gives a window overall u value equal to A rating. Ironically Palladio door systems are also hung on a Liniar frame produced in Limerick. So our window suite matches the Palladio door suite perfectly. We at Westmeath Windows use the same PVC as Palladio. If it is good enough to hang a heavy Palladio door slab on then its good enough for any residential build. For more information check out our website westmeathwindows.ie.

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