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Chartwell Green, Doorstyle Rome

  The Chartwell Green, Doorstyle Rome from the Palladio collection. The client here requested glass type GG132 satanised. This glass is quite modern and works extremely well with the Chartwell Green colour. For more information on this please visit our website at westmeathwindows.ie

Blue Palermo Door, Lucan

A Blue Palermo door fitted in the Lucan area in October 2016. The Blue or as we call it, Navy door has a satanised clear border in the glass. The clients did not want any design and I believe this design is less fussy and is extremely nice. We also added a chrome doctors knocker […]

Dunboyne, Black Palermo Door

A black Palermo composite door fitted in the Dunboyne area prior to Christmas. Note the gold knob and doctor knocker. The client added some festive cheer with their lovely Christmas wreath. An extremely well dress door which would add great pride to anyone’s home.

New Palladio Brochure Edition 1

New Palladio Brochure Edition 1 Released in Spring 2016. In this brochure they have brought in a couple of new styles of doors, more contemporary styles but they are continuing with the high level lock. The high level lock is a new edition to the Palladio door. It does away with the lever lever handle […]

Palladio Door Locks

At Westmeath Windows we offer our clients a choice of a standard nickle based cylinder which takes a standard key that can be cut in any local hardware store. Or more preferably the high security cylinder which offers clients an anti snap function built into the cylinder. This means criminals cannot break the cylinder and pick […]

Delvin, Co. Westmeath

A black door fitted in March 2016. Door is black in colour with beveled glass. Note on this particular furniture there is a new doctors knocker and gold knob usually where the letter is located. It is a new feature supplied by Palladio of late in the new Palladio brochure. The door was fitted in […]

Crumlin, Co. Dublin

A grey outside, white inside Dublin style door. It features from the new door style out of the Palladio brochure. Featuring a satinised centre and a clear border running around the edge of the glass. It is also fitted with a chrome letter box and chrome lever lever handle. It was fitted in the Crumlin […]

Collinstown Co. Westmeath

A Dublin style door fitted in Collinstown Co. Westmeath. This Dublin style door has two side panels. It is fitted with a chrome letterbox and chrome handles. Note the side panels has no decor which doesnt take from the door and keeps the price low.

Castlepollard, Co. Westmeath

A Georgian style door with beveled glass in one side panel only.  

Castlepollard, Co. Westmeath.

T & G door with beveled glass in both sidelights.

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