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Window Lock System

  Picture above is a double spag system. Note that there is four pins or four bolts as apposed to the normal two. This means that the gearbox is reversible. Both pins move in opposite directions and grabs the keeper from both sides. From a security point of view this is extremely durable and strong. […]

Delivery of Palladio Doors

It is important in this picture that the door and side panel is separate on delivery and are contained in two separate boxes. On site then the boxes are open and the side panel is attached to the main door and then is fitted. This is to do with the coupler system between the door […]

Palladio Door Skin Dye

The Palladio door cross section as seen above, the dye runs 3 mm deep into the skin. The advantages of this are that is the door was ever to be scraped the base colour would not come off it will still remain green or red or whatever colour it was. It also guarantees no fading […]

Framing on Windows

At Westmeath Windows and Doors, our framings are made from the liniar system. Liniar frame is a well established UK supplier that imports into Dublin directly. The 70mm frame is unique in the sense that it is a high terminal frame with multi wall chambers. It can facilitate a double glaze unit of 28mm overall […]

New Palladio Brochure Edition 1

New Palladio Brochure Edition 1 Released in Spring 2016. In this brochure they have brought in a couple of new styles of doors, more contemporary styles but they are continuing with the high level lock. The high level lock is a new edition to the Palladio door. It does away with the lever lever handle […]

Palladio Door Locks

At Westmeath Windows we offer our clients a choice of a standard nickle based cylinder which takes a standard key that can be cut in any local hardware store. Or more preferably the high security cylinder which offers clients an anti snap function built into the cylinder. This means criminals cannot break the cylinder and pick […]

Replacement of Glass in Existing Frames

A new service that we at Westmeath Windows are offering is the replacement of glass in existing frames. So for people who cannot afford or don’t want the hassle of replacing both windows and frames, we offer a service where we can change out the old double glazing and replace it we Argon filled Low […]

Triple Glaze vs Double Glaze

Here at Westmeath Windows we believe that triple glaze is better than double glaze, but the improvement is marginal. The U value on a double glazed soft coat unit, 28mm cavity, would be approximately 1.0 verus a triple glazed unit which would be a 36mm overall cavity, would be 0.7. While sound is a bigger […]

6 Thing To Be Careful Of When Buying A Palladio Composite Door

Things to be careful of  when buying a Palladio Composite Door: Palladio Doors should be hung on a linear frame so that its adaptable for the door sash.  The sidelights if any on a door should be separate to the door frame before installation. This is to ensure there is an aluminum coupler used so […]

Red on White Composite Palladio Door- Edinburgh Style

This Red on White Composite Palladio Door is from the Palladio Collection. This door is called the Edinburgh design. It is a tongue and grooved door with two sidelights and one fanlight. The doors period features suited the cottage in which it was being fitted because of its tongue and grooved effect. It was installed in Carrick […]

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